5 Ways to Calm the Heck Down

Dear readers,

If you are anything like me, you stress out.

You stress over the most mundane and trivial of topics. For example, you worry about that bump you hit while driving on the road and wonder if it was (once) a living creature– or was it just a pot hole? And more often than not, you will stress over school related topics. Such as, papers that are due in two weeks but there are also multiple other due dates in between now and that paper.

Sounds familiar? If not, please tell me your secrets.

In all seriousness, throughout the day I find my school-induced stress skyrockets. That being said, based on personal experiences, I’ve found 5 ways to help you calm the heck down.

1) In the event you find yourself unable to compartmentalize your thoughts– take 3 deep breaths. Hey, it’ll be okay. It may not seem like the case but I promise whatever is on your mind will dissolve as if nothing ever happened. And don’t limit yourself to just three! Try to center yourself and calm your mind.

2) When you just “literally can’t” today and want to throw in the towel– write a list. This list can be anything from your to-do list of the day to a list of daily reminders and affirmations. You got this.

3) If it’s one of those days when you cannot sit still for the life of you or focus on your notes, resulting in stressing over the fact that you cannot sit still or focus– go exercise. Put the books down and lace up those tennis sneakers. Exercise can clear the mind and help you to regroup. Plus, you’ll feel great about the fact that you just worked out! #RunForrestRun

4) If you find that everyone around you is diligently working and you’re just paralyzed with overwhelming work (or so you think)– talk to your peers, your friends, your amigos. Gaining new perspective on how other people tackle heavy workloads or group projects could benefit you more than you think.

5) Last but not least– use your stress to your advantage. What I mean is, instead of allowing your stress to override your conscious thought, disabling you from putting in work, use your stress as a motivator. If you know you will be stressed about an assignment that’s due in two weeks, focus on finishing it so you won’t feel stressed! It sounds like common sense, but I’ve found that once I realize the anxiety is avoidable, everything falls into place.

Stress is inevitable, but once you find the coping skills that work for you, it’s easily manageable and avoidable.

Always, Meg



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