I got a fever, and the only prescription is more Caffeine.

I prefer to use the term “coffee admirer”, because coffee addict is way too serious for my youthful age. Likewise, the world may never know what it is that coffee truly does for me, regardless, I love it and will never part with it–unless a physician suggests otherwise.

For my Public Relations class we were given an assignment to produce and shoot our own six second Vine video using a product of our choice. We put special consideration into our message and audience, since it was basically a mini advertisement. I used Coffee Mates International Delights coffee creamer as my product to turn your “No” morning into a “Yes” morning, the intro to Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea” and my Grumpy Cat mug* to emphasize the “No” to “Yes” transition.

Overall, this was a fun and creative project that allowed my inner director/producer to shine. I will definitely make more vines again in the future.

Always, Meg

You can get your caffeine fix here!

*my Grumpy Cat mug is only used on Monday mornings.


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