Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

This past Sunday, my friend Luke (who sadly does not have any social media accounts whatsoever) and I went to the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra. This was an optional event for my advertising class which correlates with our extensive end-of-semester group project. Even though it was for an assignment, I thought it would be an interesting experience and we were given free tickets. Who in their right mind would pass up a free cultural experience? Certainly not us.

My subpar panorama of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

My subpar panorama of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra

Luke and I ventured out into Harrisburg at around 2:30pm. Unfortunately, my GPS took us to the corporate building, but of course that would happen to me. Thankfully, a woman was in the parking lot and said we could follow her to the actual orchestra, since she was on her way as well. We took our chances with the stranger and followed her into the city. We got there safely, ran to The Forum Auditorium and collected our free tickets.

Luke posing with two handleless doors.

Luke posing with two handleless doors

One piece of advice I would give to anyone interested in going to a symphony orchestra is make sure you are aware of who the composer is that they are showcasing. I absolutely love classical music, and used to play violin quite avidly when I was younger, but I think it would have been beneficial if I researched the composer ahead of time. You’ll feel a little more cultured (hehe) but also won’t be as intimidated by the sheer amount of people who surround you. People who are dressed up, bobbing their heads or moving their fingers to the beat of the song–clearly seasoned concert goers.


Grace United Methodist Church–right in front of the Capital

I would completely recommend going to the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra if you’ve never been. Plus, the concert was about an hour and a half, so it gives you time to do some city exploring. You can see by the pictures, we had some post-concert adventures.


John F. Hartranft statue in front of the State Capital in Harrisburg, Pa

Always, Meg



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