Closing the Gender Gap, Twenty Dollars at a Time

When you think of our paper currency, what comes to mind? Probably the founding fathers of our country or historical pillars. According to an article on AdWeek, campaign organization Women on 20s is seeking to close the gender gap and gain equality by replacing the face of Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill with that of a woman.

The campaign was launched on Valentine’s Day by founders Barbara Ortiz Howard and Susan Ades Stone. They showcased possible candidates everyday and finally trickled down to four finalists– Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and Wilma Mankiller.

“Women are absent in our daily culture,” said Ortiz Howard, according to AdWeek. “There is no bigger gender gap than the gap on our currency. By trying to close that gap maybe we can help close the gap with some others. We’re hoping to stimulate the consciousness of people to step up in every area.”

I found this to be extremely interesting as it is pushing the envelope by fighting for gender equality and is attempting to make a statement on something we use every single day. You may be asking yourself, why is this important? Why should we replace Andrew Jackson with the face of a woman? Well, why not? The year 2020 commemorates the national centennial for women’s rights to vote, and women have played just as an important role in our country’s history as men. Why shouldn’t we have a woman’s face represent our twenty dollar bill? It would be a huge step for gender equality, and a huge step for our country to embrace the fact that historical women should be remembered and honored.

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Always, Meg


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