Springtime for College Students

If you were to ask me what my favorite season is, I would probably say fall. I love when the leaves change color, the air is fresh and crisp and it magically turns into sweater weather. But, as the weather begins to change I can’t help but think about Spring. :’).


Visual representation of my love/hate relationship with Spring.

Springtime means it’s finally warm. Warm enough to wear cute sandals and that 90s grunge denim jacket that was too light to wear in February and March. Plus, there is a collective effort that emanates from every single person on campus that summer is right around the corner, whether they are an English major or a Biology major. We just have to persevere through finals week and soon after we’re homeward bound.

While Spring brings flowers and warm weather, it also brings a sense of completion or a feeling of “the end”. I can’t explain the nostalgic feeling Spring gives me. Perhaps it’s the fact that all of my senior friends (yes, most of my friends are older than me) are set to graduate and get out of this place, leaving me behind. It’s a suffocating thought because it means in the fall I have to start all over. New, awkward transitions from acquaintances to class buddies to inseparable friends. New memories with different people…maybe I should learn to keep the company of people my own age? That way, I won’t have to suffer such a heartbreakingly poignant “good-bye” with people I may never see again–but shared such a close and appreciated friendship with.

Perhaps another reason I feel so apprehensive towards Spring is it really is the end. It’s the end of another semester I spent working into the wee hours of the night in the library, experiencing the accomplishments of good grades and hard work. The end of truly interesting classes and the end of seeing the same genius professors. My inner nerd is crying on the inside, holding her books and clutching her agenda. *sniff*.

Maybe, I’ll stick to Fall. After all, it is the beginning of the semester AND I get to wear sweaters. Spring can be a secondary season, the season in which I get to appreciate sandals and 90s-esque denim jackets. That’s where I draw the line though, because a goodbye is never as easy as a hello.

Always, Meg


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