I’m Sick and Tired

Earlier today I was at the computer labs in the library and a tampon fell out of my backpack. Some guy walked past me, saw the tampon on the ground, looked me dead in the eye and laughed in my face.

Looking back on the situation, I should have asked him “What’s so funny?”, because seriously–what’s so funny about a tampon? But instead, I absorbed his laugh and shot him the worst look I think I’ve ever given anyone in my life. If you’re wondering why I’m sick and tired, it’s because of instances like these. Prepare yourself for a rant.

I’m tired of young women having to constantly hide their feminine products with the fear that the outside world will see them. That the outside world will see that they are healthy, functional women. That the world will judge them for taking care of themselves and being smart and aware of their bodies.

I’m tired of young women feeling ashamed and embarrassed of someone seeing their products with them. Feminine products shouldn’t be such a taboo area as it’s meant to be. Why should we, as women, feel the need to hide a part of our livelihood from the world? Why has society churned this aspect of femininity into something that is, more or less, shunned and looked down upon? Or laughed at?

Feminine products are a normal part of life. They are there for a reason. Ladies, if anyone ever laughs in your face at the sight of your feminine products, look them dead in the eyes and ask them why they’re laughing? Ask them what’s so funny, so they’re forced to realize their point of laughter is as nonsensical as the fact that society makes us feel the need to hide this part of ourselves.

I’m not making this post to spite the guy from the library–I’m above that. I’m making this post because this is something many young women face and it should be brought to light. It’s not acceptable.

This is the end of my rant, but I will never stop pointing out the faults in our society one social issue at a time. Ladies, hold your feminine products proudly. You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed for your reality.

Always, Meg


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