Let Your Lungs do the Talking

We all know smoking is bad. We’ve seen public service announcement after public service announcement of ex-smokers detailing the nasty effects left behind by a cigarette. However, in BBDO Proximity Thailand’s new anti-smoking campaign for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, they have managed to increase interest in quitting by 500%.

According to Adweek, BBDO Proximity Thailand teamed up with faculty from Chulalongkorn University and got, for lack of better words, crafty. They used black particles taken from donated lungs of previous smokers to make “The Black Lung Ink” which was then used to paint various messages from the point of view of a pair of lungs.


photo courtesy of Newsweek. BBDO Proximity Thailand/Thai Health Promotion Foundation

They sold the ink at public events, generating mass amounts of public interest. Can you blame the public? As eery as it seems to have a hand written message produced by a previously functioning pair of lungs, it is still a very intriguing and emotionally moving campaign. Plus, THPF certainly achieved it’s goals by gaining a 500% increase in interest in quitting smoking. Bravo, BBDO Proximity Thailand, bravo.

Perhaps, it’s finally time for the lungs to do the talking.

Always, Meg


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