All The Single Ladies

It has come to my attention that I am single. Yes, I have been single for what seems to be…19 years. What some people, namely family members and random strangers, would deem a terrible situation, personally has really never bothered me. I have always been content with being alone and found the idea of personal independence appealing. Does this mean I’m antisocial? No way. I love talking to people, listening to life stories, and understanding other people’s perspectives. I am what you would call “a people person”. I think I have a pleasant personality and, I’ll even say, I think I’m pretty funny. So, why am I single?

Often, I will think to myself: “When will it be my turn to find that guy that makes me fall head over heels in love?” and shortly after I’ll laugh it off and go about my day. Then I’ll think to myself: “Why is there so much pressure to find someone now?”

Society has ingrained in our minds that if we’re not “with someone” or in a type of relationship that we should be scrambling for something that qualities as such. That we should drop whatever we are doing to go search for that special someone. This seriously isn’t the case. I’m sure there are handfuls of people who would disagree with me, and if this is what is important to you than by all means go look for your special someone! I just probably won’t tag along…

I’ve talked to a handful of guys here and there, but it never turned into anything spectacular. Is it my own fault for not committing more of my time or perhaps fate didn’t have it in store for us? Who knows. What I do know is that personal success is what I scramble for. Whether it is inner peace or physical health, I aspire to be a better person today than I was yesterday.

Of course, I appreciate cute couples and endlessly support my friends when they find a significant other. And one day, I hope to find the other half to my future power couple. Right now, I’m focused on creating the life I’ve always dreamed about for myself. I’m young and have the rest of my life ahead of me to fall in love. This is the time I should be spending learning about who I am as a person. This is the time for me to travel with friends, drink strong coffee in cafes and read books from minds that inspire me to change the world. I’m not shutting out relationships, I’m just embracing myself by myself while I still have the freedom to do so.

Being in a relationship wouldn’t define who I am, just like not being in a relationship doesn’t define who I am. I am my own person, with interests and hobbies and pet peeves and irritations. I am single because I choose to be, and when it’s my time not to be a single lady anymore–I’ll be ready.

Always, Meg


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