8 Reasons Why Snow Days are the Worst

You know the drill.

You wake up, shuffle to the shower, walk back to your room and see your phone light up with notifications about campus closing for a snow day. Your inner child screams with joy, but your semi-adult self winces. While a snow day means no classes…it also means a few other less than ideal realities. Here are 8 reasons why snow days are the worst.

1. For whatever reason, you always underestimate the amount of snow you’re going to get. I do this every year. I need to start taking the weather men and women more seriously. 200-3.gif

2. Then, inevitably, whether you want to or not you’ll have to go outside. Remember that car you own? Yeah, that’s outside waiting for you to shovel it out. Sure it’s easier to lay in bed with Netflix, but when the snow ends and you decide you need to be a functioning citizen you’re going to want access to your car. Pro tip: don’t forget those windshield wipers.


3. If you procrastinate shoveling out your car you’re limited to where you can go and…you have to stay indoors. Especially if your town hasn’t hit the roads with salt yet, it’s a daring choice going out in the wilderness.


4. You’re left to face your *actual* responsibilities. Being alone in your room all day with no chance of escaping makes you realize that maybe you should fold your laundry and perhaps take out the trash…and also that your apartment bedroom isn’t as big as you once thought it was…


5. You start to take this snow day as an opportunity to get sh*t done. Nope. You were wrong. All that you accomplished were blanket snuggles, texting your mom that the heat is working and eating anything and everything in your kitchen.


6. Some people like the snow. You know the people I’m talking about. The one friend who texts you first asking if you “want to go outside”, like it’s normal. If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this, it’s nothing personal. I would just rather stay warm, and there’s a possibility I question your sanity.


7. However, if that person has a way with words and you actually venture outside, it’s almost impossible to stay dry. No matter the amount of layers you are wearing, just know the snow has a way. Snow is relentless, snow does not quit, snow is not your friend.


8. And finally, when you start getting used to the snow and start thinking that maybe, just maybe, you can become one with the cold…it all melts. If we’re going to have a snow day it should at least last more than one day. I mean, come on Mother Nature. Who’s side are you on anyway?


Eh, but who needs it. The snow always bothered me, anyway.


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