Super Bowl Sunday #49

Today’s the day football fans young and old have been waiting for…Super Bowl Sunday! While I don’t necessarily keep up to date with sports talk, the NFL Twitter account has made it easier for me to remember who’s playing and stay somewhat involved. Using the hashtag “#SB49”, and blurb “I’ve got the (Seahawks/Patriots) winning!”, Twitter users can choose who they want to win by either clicking a “Seahawks” tab or “Patriots” tab. Then you can choose to tweet this and send the message along.

Great way to get the public excited with a little *friendly* competition and also remind the less sports savvy that today isn’t just another Sunday.

If any of you were wondering, I chose the Seahawks. 😀



Hey guys!

My name’s Meg and I’m fairly new to the blogging scene. Currently I’m studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and possibly Advertising. I’ll use this blog for PR related topics and class prompts, as well as my own free writing thoughts and ideas (hence the title choice).

I’m excited to see what the world of blogging has to offer, and exploring deeper into the world of multimedia!