Speech Story

Clinton Speaks at Democratic National Committee

Meg Connolly

November 6, 2015

(Harrisburg, PA)—Hillary Clinton stands before the American flag, waiting patiently as the crowd in front of her settles down from the previous roar of applause and she begins to speak again, “If everyone does their fair share and everyone gets a fair shot, our whole country succeeds.” This is one of the many topics former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton addressed at the Democratic National Committee Summer Meeting back in August. Clinton, poised and confident continues with her speech.

Clinton proceeds to explain the belief of Democrats, “No matter who you are or where you come from you should have an equal shot at success. That’s the America we love, that’s the America we’re fighting for, and fundamentally, that’s what’s at stake in this election.”

Amid a cheering crowd she mentions that the United States is currently in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but the Obama Administration has been working tirelessly to improve our system for the betterment of the country.

The second point mentioned was her “basic bargain”, which entails the right to get ahead and stay ahead if one puts in enough work and effort, “If everyone does their fair share and everyone gets a fair shot, our whole country succeeds.”

Clinton stressed the need for basic human rights in the United States and to even the odds when stacked against American citizens. Issues such as the exploitation of citizens by large corporations, who regularly expect the people to comply with various regulations, needs to be stopped or halted in practice. Other topics that gained positive feedback from the audience was her stance on equal pay for women in the workforce as well as access to quality and affordable healthcare.

The next topic was ending gun violence. This is a controversial issue as gun attacks have taken its toll on America, and the two sides are at odds with each other. Clinton deeply believes in, “common sense gun reforms” while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners; no one should die due to the fact that people are allowed to have guns.

Clinton’s speech grabbed the attention of all the audience members as has been an anticipated member since she ran for Presidential office in 2008. Her speech to the Democratic Party was influential and gave her an additional edge in the upcoming election season as her topics and movements are values that her followers deem important. Clinton’s nonverbal cues, such as making strong eye contact and using distinct hand gestures, proved that she is confident in her presidential agenda and engaged the audience in doing so.

Since the Democratic National Committee, Clinton has been in the news for her alleged role in sending case sensitive emails through her personal email account. This scandal was thought to put the American people at risk for information hacks and led people to question whether Clinton is a trustworthy candidate for president.

Clinton remains a powerful leader in the world of politics, and is on her way to a competitive election season in the upcoming year.